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Whip - O - Whirl

Whip - O - Whirl




No party would be complete without a spin on this classic Whip-O-Whirl Ride. Climb aboard for a wild whip of all the thrills of the classic Whipper scaled down to a kid-sized adventure. Riders have to fight the g-force as their cars whip around the track, but not too fast . This oval track allows the cars to race down the long sides of the track and quickly whip around the curves creating an exciting whipping sensation. Our children’s Whip-O-Whirl track is on an enclosed, elevated platform making it safe and attractive. The Whip-O-Whirl holds 6-12 children at a time. Includes one attendant. Ride requirements: Level area and one 30 AMP (120) volt outlet, or generator of equal capacity.

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