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Tubs of Fun- 4 hrs cs

Tubs of Fun- 4 hrs cs

Tubs of Fun



Rent the Tubs of Fun Carnival Ride for your next party! Available for rent in Los Angeles, Ventura and Orange Counties. No party would be complete without a spin on this classic Rock N' Roll Ride. Climb aboard for a wild ride. The Tubs of Fun has all the thrills of the classic Rock N' Roll for thrilling adventure. Suitable for kids as well as adults. Four tubs circle around a central point in a large circle. Each "tub" then rotates independently from the other tubs. Our provided operator can control the speed of the rotating tub making it spin slowly or quickly upon request of the riders. Riders have to fight the g-force as their cars whip around, but not too fast, creating an exciting sensation. The Tubs of Fun holds up to 16 riders at a time. Includes four "tubs" which can hold up to four riders per car. Designed for pre-school aged children through adults. Late night pickup (after 8PM) or overnight fees (after 10PM) may apply. Colors may vary. ADULT SUPERVISION IS REQUIRED AT ALL TIMES!

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