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A kids' party is meant to be filled with lots of fun and excitement. There's something about bouncers that make children instantly light up with joy. Whenever you're at any children's party you'll soon notice that dragging them away from the inflatable bounce house is an impossible mission. which is exactly what makes these bouncers such a blessing.

While kids normally need enormous amounts of attention and tons of activities and toys to keep them occupied, an inflatable bounce house is pretty much all you need to turn an average birthday party into a giggling, gleeful few hours of fabulous fun. These giant puffy fun castles are always colorful and vibrant & it's the perfect surprise for every kid.

A bounce house rental Los Angeles pretty much guarantees that every kid at the party will enjoy hours of safe yet thrilling entertainment. Just think back to the day's where you would try to find any excuse to jump around on something big and squishy, the sofa was always out of the question and it's no different today. Bounce house rentals are the epitome of "awesomeness" at any party and they're bound to keep even the most mischievous children occupied for a long time.

Jolly Bouncers has an amazing selection of bounce houses for rent. We have a collection of bounce house rentals in Los Angeles, Simi Valley, Moorpark, Newbury Park, Thousand oaks, Ventura, Calabasas and Camarillo with various sizes, shapes and colors to suit every party theme


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